Taking care of tires when drifting

I have many good memories with drifting. However, I’d like all readers to know one of my life experiences about it.

A friend of mine (which for this story I will leave unnamed because maybe he would not want to be mentioned) was doing some drifting with his car and had old tires. Old tires and drifting do not go together well as you might think. So during his practice on the road, one of the tires exploded. Explosion of tires is quite a normal thing and it can happen. In this case, it started throwing him off the road and turning it in the air. Although the maneuver was definitely very scary and dangerous, he was fortunately fine in the end. But it could have ended differently.


The moral of the story is to take care of your tires. Not only replace them, but also take care of the rims, make sure ALL of the equipment is well prepared for your adventure on the road. Because if it is not, bad things can happen. If you drift with your friends, you should also decorate your tires and wheels a bit in order to be able to brag a little bit. Although this sounds silly, I would still recommend you to do it so. The reason is that you will be able to show your car in the best possible light. Also the rest of the exterior and interior of the car should be detailed at least a little bit.

Just look at the car on the picture. It looks awesome. Why? Because it is well detailed. Car color paint is also important as well as detailing the lights and the rest of the car. Do not underestimate that. I always took best care of my cars!

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