How to take care of best tire shine

I have discussed in previous article that when you are drifting, you might want to have really well detailed car in its whole. My friends told me that they had the most problems in this aspect with choosing the correct tire dressing. They said that many of them had problems with dressing either getting off the tires too fast or staying on even when they are trying to wash it off. Following information is acquired from website My shiny car.

Instead of choosing the tire shine that is silicone based which will last longer, you might want to choose the dressing that is water based. This is against the common intuition. That is because most people think that if the dressing is going to last longer, that is better. Well, it is not quite like that.


See, the silicone based tire dressing will stick up to your tire and then it will not go away. What you should do instead is to avoid it completely. Try water based one. That one goes off much faster, but a good thing about it is that it will be safer and easier to remove. And if you buy a good one, you will be able to keep it up for a fairly long time. You can see the good ones on the same guide. So in this way it will actually help you a lot to make a shine safe and last longer.

But how long does the tire shine last?

This is of course relatively hard to answer. Because it depends on many things such as weather conditions, how it is applied, etc. But the good ones can last even few weeks in case the weather conditions are favorable and they are applied well.

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