Car drifting – memmories

I used to be a car drifter. I remember the times when I spent $1500 per month just for the new equipment for the car. This got me into many troubles in the past. See, I could not have afforded that much so from time to time I had to fix people’s car besides doing my 9/5 job every day. That was of course very time consuming and I basically had no other thing to do in my life but just work and occasionally exploiting my hobby – drifting. I did not drift only with a car – oh no! I also used motorcycle and everything I could have imagined. I did a lot of youtube videos and even became Youtuber.

In 2013, there were some worldwide shocks in the industry regarding bad crash in Saudi Arabia. I realized that I do not want to be a part of that and just a showoff for the rest of the world just because of my hobby. I mean the people in that video probably suffered a lot and that breaks my heart. That is why I want to live this blog in different manner. This all about memmories of drifting – those that were written and those that are yet to be written.

I have then reduced my interest in that sport because I realized it was getting dangerous. I still drifted, but not so often anymore. So now I still do it, but only in my financial capabilities. It shocked me when my son did not go to college because I had no freaking savings. Or when my daughter was on drugs and I did not even know that. She even opened some kind of service to get money and I could have helped her more with my time and money if I could. So in order for those things not to happen I decided to just put a bit less effort in my hobby and just follow it on this page.

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