Best cars for drifting

I want to talk a little bit about a great article that was written back in 2010 which made me discuss the topic a lot with my friend. It was written by TopSpeed about best cars for drifting. Although I have a writer’s block at the moment, I won’t give up. I will still write. This is because I believe. I believe I can. So I am going to write about those damn best cars for drifting. I would disagree with the article that Nissan is the best car for drifting. It is simply not. No way. I tested it a lot and I have to say that Nissan cars are not even that good for drifting. They are kind of moderate. Some of my drifting friends are saying that I should not be that harsh and that I should consider it as the best car for drifting because – hey it is relatively ok.


Let me say something essential here. It is not “relatively ok.” It almost sucks for drifting. The tires are installed in the irregular way and that is why they get used faster. And since they are used faster, you won’t be able to drift that long and they’ll be slippery faster. And that will make your experience more dangerous. Because then the tires get unpredictable and you cannot know what will happen next. I do not want to encourage anyone to such practices, because sooner or later I will have some moral bad feelings about someone getting into accident which I do not want to happen.

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