Drifting – is it for everyone?

When looking to go into drifting sport, I would not advise most people to dwelve into it. Why not? Just look at my case. Drifting is expensive. It will cost you a lot of time and money and that might cause you a lot of problems. So most people cannot really sacrifice all their time and money for the sport of drifting. That is also something I would not recommend. So instead choose different hobby such as cooking, cockfighting, observing rainbows, collecting neclasses with naughty simbols on them, etc.


So why would not that hobby be for everyone?

As I said, many people do not have infinite amount of time and energy. Of course, I know some people who have more time to spend than virtually everyone in the world and they devote this time to their hobbies, but hey – at least they have fun. Plus, it can get quite dangerous and some bad things could happen to you. Now who wants that? Choose a safe sport for you and that will pay off very well. So I might have made a mistake long time ago to get into this sport. But I can surely tell you one thing. This was one most addictive thing I ever tried in my life. I have great memmories with drifting!

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